Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC is a legally required document that reports on the energy efficiency of the property you are selling and rates your property’s energy effectiveness on a scale on A to G. Your EPC must be in process before your put you property on the market, as potential buyers will need to see it at the earliest opportunity.

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate

One of our associated companies will carry out the inspection on your property providing you with the required EPC.

The energy assessors inspect certain elements of your property, such as insulation, glazing materials, the size of the property, construction materials and your property’s heating solution.

Your final assessment will provide the basis of your EPC, providing you with information about energy efficiency on the A to G scale. Your EPC also offers you suggestions on how to improve your property’s energy efficiency, helping you to lower your future energy bills and reduce the impact of emissions.

A good energy rating can also be a positive marketing tool, showing potential purchasers that your property is economical and eco-friendly. Having an EPC in place, even if you aren’t selling, can help you to take valuable action and reduce your energy bills.

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